Name of Product: Rocephin
Name of Company: Roche Laboratories
Agency Submitting: Sudler & Hennessey
Creative/Account Team: Copy: Diane Cooney, Diane Ohye, Brett Lowell, Laura Tozzo, and others Art: Arthur Kaufman, Dick Russinko, Guy Desimini, and others Account: Ned Putnam
Creative Rationale: The Rocephin apple campaign is one of the most iconic brand campaigns in our industry. The image says it all – once–a-day for health. And amazingly, the campaign message remained vital for more than a decade, from its introduction in 1989 through the brand’s loss of exclusivity in 2005.
This campaign was unique in its ability to establish and remain true to a singular and powerful brand image, yet keep it fresh with new creative executions. It was also innovative in its promise, as the first parenteral hospital antibiotic to leverage once-daily dosing as a benefit – when conventional wisdom held that multiple daily doses were needed for serious infections.
Awards and honors received: Best Professional campaign, MANNY 2004; Rx Club Award of Excellence, 2004; Gold, MM&M Awards, 2004; …and others!