Selection Process for MAHF Heritage Awards

The process for nomination and election of the Heritage Award closely mirrors the process used for selecting inductees into the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame.


Nominations may be only be submitted by agency members of the MAHF. Each member agency will receive an invitation to submit nominations, and may submit a maximum of two nominations per year. The work nominated need not have been done by the agency submitting it. All nominations should be submitted using the form indicated in the invitation. Nominations must identify a retired campaign – one not in use currently – and the team that brought that campaign to life. Special attention should focus upon the insight and core clinical need articulated by the campaign, the creative rationale for the campaign, and results of the campaign… including reaction by other members of the industry. Let’s face it, we have all seen ads where we said: “I wish I had done that one!”


The nominations will be reviewed by board members of the MAHF member agencies at a General Meeting with the objective of identifying “finalists,” those that the membership will be asked to cast ballots for.


All member agencies will receive a ballot and supporting nomination materials from the Executive Director, with each member agency casting votes for the two campaigns they think warrant election. The Executive Director will tally the votes and two campaigns per year will receive the Heritage Award at the Annual Awards Dinner, and be part of the MAHF Wall of Fame.

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