About the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame (MAHF)

The MAHF is a non-profit founded in 1996 to document the history of the industry and honor those who founded it and built it. As the organization expanded, so did its mission. Our current goals are:

  • Honor:  To recognize, through induction to the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame, those individuals whose past contributions to our industry made a positive difference, as well as annually celebrating those of the present who embody the highest standards and goals of healthcare communications.
  • Cultivate: To provide our membership with information and educational resources for healthcare communication professionals across the spectrum of disciplines and experience, including those needed to recruit new talent to the industry.
  • Change: To enhance awareness and support the value of diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our industry – and in the work we create for our clients – through purposeful actions in our staff and our workplace.



Industry Chronology
Learn how the industry has evolved over the past 60 years and view some past ads.

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