Name of Company: Abbott Pharmaceutical Products Division (now AbbVie)
Agency which created Ad: AbelsonTaylor
Agency submitting: AbelsonTaylor
Creative Rationale: Physicians dread having patients return again and again to their offices due to antibiotic failure. What they want is an antibiotic that works. First Time. No Bull. And that’s the story of Biaxin. A powerful, broad-spectrum antibiotic that takes care of the problem the first time. To tell this story, AbelsonTaylor created Bix the Biaxin Bulldog. Bix symbolizes the tenacious efficacy of Biaxin while the copy tells physicians how to, “Put the bite on common respiratory infections.” Bix the Bulldog helped Biaxin become one of the most widely prescribed antibiotics on the market. The campaign crushed ad recognition and product recall norms. It also led to a 30% increase in sales calls for Biaxin by the Abbott sales force.
Any awards and honors received: Med Ad News Ad of the Year 1996, In-Awe Gold 1998, Rx Club Gold 1999