Name of Company: Pfizer
Agency Submitting: LLNS
Creative/Account Team: Mike Lyons – Art Director, Bill Brown – Copy
Creative Rationale: In 1983, copper bracelets for arthritis pain relief were widely used because people (even physicians) believed that copper was absorbed by the skin to relieve joint pain. LLNS used metallic copper ink in Feldene’s advertising to borrow from this widely held belief. The copper color extended beyond advertising to sample and trade packaging for Feldene, and was perceived as a very strong and consistent brand identity.The “sandpaper” texture of the bones in the ad was and extremely effective use of creativity to get the attention of physicians and to make Feldene interesting and relevant to them. In it’s day, this ad broke the mold because:
• It had stopping power. By using copper metallic ink, the textured bones, and printing the ad on premium stock, we were able to “break the book” of many medical journals and create immediate interest.
• The color and the texture fueled the memory and made this a highly recalled ad in many of the “check studies” that were regularly done by journals at that time.
• Certainly, the ad generated interest, Feldene became a highly recognized and successful brand within a year of launch.
• It set the stage for the brand experience, the metallic copper color and “sandpaper bones” became synonymous with the brand.
Awards and honors received: (LLNS says) While we’ve dug through our archives, we can’t find a list of awards for this ad, but we can assure you it won plenty!