Campaign: Navane Fist Face
Name of Product: Navane
Name of Company: Roerig
Agency which created Ad: Sudler & Hennessey
Agency submitting: Sudler & Hennessey
Creative/Account Team: Copy: John Lally; Art: Mike Lyons
Creative Rationale: The Navane ad exemplifies the Sudler creative tenet of Indivisuality™ –the use of a unique visual idea to powerfully communicate a product story.

The arresting visual of the fist/face shows the immediacy of the threat posed by the agitated psychiatric patient – and the image is positioned looking out to directly confront the reading physician.

The urgent need for control is evident. And as soon as the reader looks for the answer, it’s there. The disturbing, out-of-control image is answered by the rapid control provided by Navane, presented in a simple, clean, all-type design. Clinical relief represented by visual relief.