Name of Company: Pfizer (formerly Wyeth)
Agency which created Ad: Havas Life (formerly Euro RSCG Life)
Agency submitting: Havas Health
Creative Rationale – What makes this ad special The PROTONIX GERDee campaign depicted a heartburn monster (heartburn is also known as GERD) that was a nightmare for Nighttime GERD patients. GERDee was one of the earlier illustrated campaigns that showed more light-hearted creative could be used to hit home on a tough disease state. The campaign illustrated the heartburn monster out of control (Red and fiery) before the patient takes PROTONIX, and GERDee returns to a cool, resting blue image. This campaign was used for the entire lifecyle of the brand from launch to patent expiration, which showed its campaignabilty and sustainability. It’s differentiation in a class of multiple PPIs was key to the brand’s billion dollar success. The campaign was rolled out across all channels, including tiny stuffed GERDee animals that became commonplace in Gastroenterologist’s offices.

Any awards and honors received:
PM 360 Ad of the Year
Other awards were 16 years ago and difficult to track down (it truly is a Heritage award)
Protonix was one of the fastest brands to ever reach $1 Billion.
Brand Team received award for Brand Team of The Year