Name of Company: Galderma
Agency which created Ad: TBWA\WorldHealth, formerly Corbett Accel Healthcare Group (CAHG)
Agency submitting: TBWA\WorldHealth
Creative Rationale – What makes this ad specialGalderma is the largest company in the world devoted exclusively to dermatology. In the area of aesthetic products, the company markets a line of injectable fillers under the Restylane name. Silk was a new formulation, very precise, for shaping lips and smoothing fine lines around the mouth. The challenge was to launch this brand to a professional target of US aesthetic dermatologists and drive rapid uptake.

Doctors who work in this category take great pride in not only their technical expertise as injectors, but also in their aesthetic sense and their conviction that what they do blends both science and art. We appeal to the artist in each doctor by drawing a comparison to famous artists who portrayed female beauty.

In execution, we sourced and negotiated rights to famous portraits by the contemporary painter Alberto Vargas, the renaissance artist Botticelli, and the 20th-century Polish artist Tamara de Lempicka. All captured female beauty in a distinctive style using characteristic tools. We compare the effects these artists achieved to the effects our target can achieve using Silk. Each historical image is matched by a present-day photo of a model styled like the painting; similar, but not identical. Each model was authentically injected with Silk prior to the shoot.

Through Q1 2015, sales of Silk ware at 200% of forecast.

Any awards and honors received:
2015 – IPA Best of Health – GOLD Apple – Best in Show – Healthcare Professional Ad Campaign
2015 – IPA Best of Health – SILVER – Best Use of Photography
2015 – IPA Best of Health – SILVER – Healthcare Professional Ad Campaign
2015 – MM&M Awards – GOLD – Best Professional Print Campaign
2015 – The Globals – Finalist – Single Medium Campaign
2015 – Rx Club – Award of Excellence – Medical Devices Journal Ad Campaign
2015 – Rx Club – Award of Excellence – Photography Journal Ad Campaign