Name of Company: Wishbone
Agency which created Ad: Genzyme
Agency submitting: Calcium
Creative Rationale – What makes this ad special Synvisc was the leading brand in a crowded category of viscosupplements—products that are injected into the knee to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis. However, Synvisc was continuing to lose market share, as there was broad parity in this category in terms of clinically demonstrated efficacy, with most of the products perceived to work more‐or‐less the same. It was strategically determined that, in order to drive further differentiation and growth, the Synvisc brand needed to heighten its efficacy perception. But how could this be achieved in the absence of actual data?

The now‐classic “Elephant” campaign was conceived to answer this challenge. A dramatic and memorable “product demonstration” was at the heart of the campaign—a massive elephant being supported by the Synvisc brand icon (blue gel ball). Needless to say, this image conveyed strength under pressure—literally. What’s more, a skillfully crafted headline created an impression of strength and superiority, even though it was only making a legally non‐inferiority claim.

The “Elephant” campaign became the core of the Synvisc promotional campaign, and it appeared in every medium. Physicians responded favorably, driving Synvisc prescriptions significantly higher during the 3 years of the campaign. For the Synvisc brand, the “Elephant” campaign became a milestone of success—success driven by some very smart advertising.

Any awards and honors received:
Multiple RX Club Awards
MM&M Silver Award
PM360 Readers Choice Award