Name of Company: Genentech/Roche Pharmaceuticals
Agency which created Ad: AbelsonTaylor
Agency submitting: AbelsonTaylor
Creative Rationale: Our second campaign is the global launch campaign for Tarceva, developed for Genentech/Roche Pharmaceuticals. The campaign, launched in 2005, was designed to communicate two critical features of the brand. First, Tarceva offered a survival advantage in 2nd line NSCLC… something that only chemotherapy had proven to date. Second, because Tarceva was a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, not a chemotherapeutic agent, it offered the opportunity of more “living” for the patient. The patient did not experience the debilitating side effects of chemo. We communicated the survival advantage by putting the universal graph for survival, a Kaplan-Meyer curve, in the lifeline of the patient’s hand. We then added the ability to live life more normally, communicated by the child’s hand. Our customers, who knew that many times kids could not see chemo patients due to the potential for infection, immediately latched onto this campaign.