Name of Company: MedPointe Pharmaceuticals Agency which created Ad: Wishbone Agency submitting: Calcium Creative Rationale: The Zomig “Bunny” creative campaign is among the most iconic and memorable of the last 20 years. It created a splash almost instantly for its verve, boldness, and, yes, its wit, which is a rare quality in pharma advertising. But, […]


Name of Company: Takeda Pharmaceuticals Agency which created Ad: AbelsonTaylor Agency submitting: AbelsonTaylor Creative Rationale: In 1999 Takeda Pharmaceuticals had the opportunity to launch a new TZD product for type 2 diabetes. But, we were third to market. Parke Davis’ Rezulin, the innovator, was well liked by endocrinologists but had a very clear, albeit infrequent, […]