John Corcoran
Inducted 2008
Account Management

Over his lengthy career, John Corcoran has established an impressive list of accomplishments matched by few in the industry. In addition to a record of successful management of a long list of organizations and enterprises, he was a pioneer in exporting the concept and practices of medical advertising from the U.S. to the rest of the world, helping to turn the medical advertising profession into an international business.

John Corcoran started his 40-year health care industry career after a successful stint as a United States Marine Corps officer. The Corps instilled discipline and focus, and the ability to get the job done, valuable qualities in business as well as the military. Little did John realize that this military experience would serve him well for the next four decades.

John began his career in our industry as a salesman for Lederle Laboratories before moving to the agency side. During his career in advertising, he managed numerous divisions of both domestic and international medical advertising agencies, including positions as CEO r EuroRSCG Life, President and creator of Sudler & Hennesey’s International Network, and COO of FCB Healthcare. Most recently he was one of the founding partners and served as President and COO of HealthSTAR communications.

Over the years, John has worked in most of the world’s major international health care markets servicing such major companies as Merck, Astra, Hoechst, ICI, Lederle, ICN, Nestle, Colgate, SKB, GSK, Du Pont, Roche, Wellcome, Warner Lambert, Solvay plus many more. Over the course of his career, he gained experience that encompassed almost every major therapeutic category.

Perhaps John’s greatest achievement was the exporting of medical advertising from the United States to the rest of the world. He personally created Sudler & Hennessey’s first international office in Sydney. Working out of a small, cramped office together with Mike Norton, he quickly established a thriving business. As Norton recalls, after start up, the business grew rapidly, to the point where they were handling competitive products, with the agreement of the competitors.

Leaving S&H’s offices in Australia, John headed to Europe where he opened offices in several countries. As President of Sudler and Hessessey and member of the Young & Rubicam International Board he was responsible for establishing and managing an 11-agency international healthcare network. He established a joint venture with Dentsu in Tokyo, Frankfurt, and London. Later he opened offices in Paris and Rome. John was a pioneer in establishing the first truly global medical advertising agency network.

Upon returning to the United States after 18 successful years, John became the COO for FCB Healthcare. According to DraftFCB CEO Tom Domanico, the agency needed to increase its presence in east coast markets and was looking for someone with the managerial skills to make it happen. John was the perfect fit, with exactly the skills and ability needed. He was responsible for a multi-service network with offices in New York, California, and Pennsylvania. During his tenure at FCB he was involved in major product launches for Singulair, Zocor, Imitrex, Fosamax, Zyban and many other major brands. John also instituted the first account planning service offered by a U.S. healthcare agency, something he brought from Europe. Under John’s leadership revenue grew over 500 percent in an eight-year period.

Finally, John was a long standing member of the Executive Committee of the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame and one of its founding members. During his tenure with the MAHF, John could always be counted upon to support the organization, and was responsible in large part for the development of its new, expanded structure.

As a Marine officer, agency executive, innovator, and contributor to the industry, John Corcoran has always demonstrated leadership, integrity, and uncommon management skills which have earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues.