Arthur M. Sackler

Arthur M. Sackler Inducted 1997 Agency Account Management Dr. Sackler was born and raised in Brooklyn and he earned his medical degree at New York University. In the 1930s, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry and, in 1942, joined William Douglas McAdams—at the time a small, four-person agency. He subsequently acquired the agency and so […]

Rolf Werner Rosenthal

Return to All Inductees Rolf Werner Rosenthal Inducted 1997AgencyCreative Rolf Rosenthal came to the US from Germany when he was 8 years old. His family lived in Cleveland for a time and then moved to New York where Rolf went to Brooklyn Tech, Queens College, and, for graduate work in literature, Columbia. After 2 years […]

Matthew J. Hennessey

Matthew J. Hennessey Inducted 1997AgencyAccount Management Matthew “Matt” Hennessey began his advertising career in 1934 when he joined E.R. Squibb & Sons. It was here he was to meet Arthur Sudler. In 1936, Sudler left to set up shop with Squibb as his charter client and Hennessey joined him. In 1942, Hennessey became a partner […]

Ludwig Wilhelm Frohlich

Ludwig Wilhelm Frohlich Inducted 1997AgencyCreative Ludwig “Bill” Frohlich came to the United States in 1931. He had been educated at the University of Frankfurt and in Paris. His specialty was type design and art direction and he applied his talents to pharmaceutical promotion in the US prior to World War II, beginning his own business […]

Robert A. Becker

Robert A. Becker Inducted 1997AgencyAccount Management When Robert Becker obtained his BS degree in marketing from NYU in 1941, one of his professors recommended him for a job as a copywriter at Plough in Memphis. Taking the job with Plough set him on the path to a successful career in pharmaceutical advertising. On returning from […]