Arthur E. Sudler

Arthur E. Sudler Inducted 1998AgencyCreative Arthur Sudler’s interest in the visual arts, his identification with artists, and his personal talents as a painter had a profound influence on the style of medical advertising in its heyday—the 1950s-1960s—and continuing on into the present. Sudler was educated as an artist, attending the Maryland Institute of Fine and […]

Paul Klemtner

Paul Klemtner Inducted 1998AgencyAccount Management When he began his advertising agency in 1942, Paul Klemtner had none of the usual background of a pharmaceutical advertising man. He was not a pharmacist, had never “detailed” or written or designed an advertisement. His discipline was finance and from that vantage point, he was thoroughly versed in the […]

John Kallir

John Kallir Inducted 1998AgencyCreative With the storm of World War II on the horizon, the Kallir family moved to America from Austria in 1939, bringing with them their teenage son, John. Their home had been Vienna, where John had been born in 1923 and received his primary school education. He began college in New York, […]

Frank J. Corbett

Frank J. Corbett Inducted 1998AgencyAccount Management Frank Corbett founded his advertising agency in 1962, in Chicago. Naturally, he’s identified with that city, but his career in pharmaceutical marketing had its earliest beginnings in New York City. It was there that he was a teenage delivery boy for Cut Rate Drugs. Corbett grew up in Manhattan, […]

Lansing Chapman

Lansing Chapman Inducted 1998Publisher Lansing Chapman was born in 1888, educated at Williams College, and, on graduation in 1910, went into the expanding advertising business. He sold space for trade publications and then moved to the client side, becoming advertising manager for Becton Dickinson. There he became involved in medical marketing. In 1918, he identified […]