Harold J. O’Neill

Harold J. O’Neill Inducted 1999Direct Marketing Hal O’Neill’s life reads like a Horatio Alger rags-to-riches story. It began in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen and ended in the affluent suburbs of New Jersey and, in the course of that journey, Hal played a pioneering role in the use of direct mail by the pharmaceutical industry. O’Neill […]

Kenneth H. Lavey

Kenneth H. Lavey Inducted 1999AgencyCreative For 46 years Ken Lavey exerted a strong creative influence on medical advertising. He worked at only three agencies—L.W. Frohlich, Lavey/Wolff/Swift, and Lyons Lavey Nickel Swift—but his talent and personality radiated throughout the industry. Lavey was from Palermo, California. It’s a small town in the wine growing region north of […]

John Lally

John Lally Inducted 1999AgencyCreative Creative personalities who are so talented that they can disregard other aspects of living are familiar figures—the recluse composer, the single-minded scientist. Medical advertising, being an interpersonal process at an agency and between agency and client, would seem a difficult venue for such extreme individualism, but John Lally not only comes […]

John F. Dorritie

John F. Dorritie Inducted 1999AgencyAccount Management When you heard John Dorritie’s hearty laugh from across the room, you turned to hear who was having such a good time. And there would be John in a circle enjoying a joke or just having delivered the punch line himself. He was a joyful optimist and his zest […]

Jacob G. Cohen

Jacob G. Cohen Inducted 1999Publisher American medicine underwent drastic reform in the first two decades of this century. The folk medicine and shadowy knowledge of the late 1800s were replaced by the science of Pasteur, Lister, and Koch. Through the effort of the American Medical Association (AMA), standards were raised in physician education, licensure, and […]