Warren Ross

Warren Ross Inducted 2001AgencyAccount Management Readers of Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) are familiar with the name Warren Ross. He has been the editor of MM&M since 1990. Those with longevity in medical advertising may also know that the “R” in KPR stands for his name in partnership with the other founders, John Kallir and […]

Herb Lubalin

Herb Lubalin Inducted 2001AgencyCreative After WWII, the pharmaceutical industry experienced a research renaissance. Dozens of new, revolutionary drugs came on the market, many for previously untreatable conditions. This scientific flowering was accompanied by a comparable new direction in the creative content of Rx promotion. No one person represents this change in creative attitude more than […]

Joann E. Kirchner

Joann E. Kirchner Inducted 2001Publisher When Joann Kirchner entered the media department of Klemtner Advertising in the early ’50s, buying medical journal advertising space was primarily a judgmental exercise with virtually no hard readership data available. The Rx industry was experiencing remarkable growth based on the “wonder drugs” produced by revolutionary scientific research following WWII. […]

Reginald A. Bowes

Reginald A. Bowes Inducted 2001AgencyAccount Management Usually, a single innovative contribution to marketing science is enough to establish a reputation. Reginald (“Reg”) Bowes created strikingly original ideas that greatly benefited the products on which they were first tried—proving their validity. These concepts were picked up by the Rx industry and became accepted as standard marketing […]