Clifford Parish

Clifford Parish Inducted 2005Client The induction of Clifford A. Parish into the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame marks the first time a pharmaceutical company executive has been elected to “The Hall.” Appropriately, Parish’s position at Burroughs-Wellcome (BW) was that of “advertising manager” or its equivalent in organizational terms. This job description no longer exists at […]

Milton Liebman

Milton Liebman Inducted 2005Publisher It is unusual for anyone to have the interest and energy to play an active role in more than a few of the trade associations in our business. Milton Liebman was the exception. Over his long career, Liebman, the 2005 recipient of the Service to Industry Award, literally covered the industry’s […]

David Gideon

David Gideon Inducted 2005Research/Publisher Members of the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame leave a record of their presence in the industry through marketing ideas, new organizations, and memorable promotional campaigns. Although David Gideon spent a brief time as an agency copywriter, his career was not involved with the creation of the promotional message. Rather it […]

Sylvio deRouin

Sylvio deRouin Inducted 2005AgencyCreative Medical advertising leaders have left their imprint by changing how we promote products and express brand messages creatively, as well as by adding media and analytical innovations to pharmaceutical marketing. Some members of the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame not only accomplished great things, but also had a strong personal influence […]

Clyde Davis

Clyde Davis Inducted 2005AgencyCreative Leaders in medical advertising are always multitalented individuals. You cannot head up organizations of the scope of ad agencies and not have some capacity for all the ingredients of the job—creativity, marketing, research, organization, finance, recruitment, and, the intangible, leadership. Members of the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame have been outstanding […]