Lewis A. Miller

Lewis A. Miller Inducted 2007Publisher In the ideal free market, entrepreneurs create the businesses needed for society’s economy to function. They are rewarded with a compensating share of the wealth they generate and are venerated for their financial success. But the philosophy of laissez-faire enterprise, at its best, carries with it the caveat that the […]

Norman Cooper

Norman Cooper Inducted 2007AgencyAccount Management The promotional ideas that advertising agencies produce are a meld of creativity, marketing, salesmanship, strategic thinking, and media knowledge. But within this mix is another potent influence for gaining and holding accounts and making the client/agency relationship productive. This element is the personal relationships that agency leaders develop within their […]

William Castagnoli

William Castagnoli Inducted 2007AgencyAccount Management Commenting on the many roles William “Cas” Castagnoli has played in medical advertising and healthcare communications, David Gideon, executive director of the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame and the former publisher of Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M), observes that, “The remarkable thing about Cas is that his career, for most […]