Jane Townsend

Jane Townsend Inducted 2011 Agency Account Management Trailblazer Innovative. Insightful. Caring. Jane Townsend embodies the attributes of a successful executive. Upon founding Gross Townsend Frank Hoffman with Alan Gross, and creative partners Ronnie Hoffman and Dave Frank, her vision and passion defined a new kind of health care advertising and a new kind of agency. […]

Joe Torre

Joe Torre Inducted 2011AgencyAccount Management The Launch Guy Dynamic. A risk taker with distinctive style. These are words you hear when talking about Joe Torre. During the 40 years he worked in the healthcare and medical advertising industry, his energy, enthusiasm, and drive were his trademark. His successful record with new product introductions won his […]

Alan Gross

Alan Gross Inducted 2011AgencyAccount Management The Quiet Visionary Quiet. Brilliant. Forward thinking. Alan Gross has long been known as a person who shunned the limelight even as he pushed others into it. He created a company that continually broke new ground – launching whole new drug categories, creating new marketing modalities, and guiding the careers […]