Ernie Smith

Ernie Smith Inducted 2012AgencyCreative An Exceptional Creative Talent Described as creative, inspiring, kind-hearted, and a good soul who was generous with his time and words, Ernest R. “Ernie” Smith cared about the people who worked for him and believed in mentoring his staff. A true “renaissance man,” his talent spread far beyond creating exceptional advertising. […]

Albert G. Nickel

Albert G. Nickel Inducted 2012AgencyAccount Management Putting the Client and People First Albert G. “Al” Nickel was well known in our industry as the consummate client service professional. However, his greatest contribution was building a great agency through a culture that cultivated and nurtured people’s potential. After graduating from college, Al served in The United […]

Charles P. Daly

Charles P. Daly Inducted 2012Publisher The Ultimate Publishing Professional Charles Daly, known to most as “Charlie,” was one of the most successful publishing executives the business has known. During his career, he helped build Medical Economics in to a major publishing force through his adherence to the highest publishing principles, his innate leadership skills, and […]