February 22, 2021 –The Medical Advertising Hall of Fame announced that it has updated its mission statement to address diversity, equity and inclusion issues in our industry.

“It’s been a singular focus of the MAHF to renew its commitment to bring value to our industry and membership”, said outgoing Chair Steven Michaelson, Calcium’s CEO. “In order to do that we must remain relevant in today’s current environment.”

Incoming co-chairs, Robin Shapiro and Jennie Fischette commented: “We are so pleased to take the lead at MAHF at this momentous time. Updating our mission to recognize the issues associated with diversity, equity and inclusion in our industry and the work we do for our clients was the initial driver. But COVID helped reveal to so many more that inequity in healthcare is a crisis that just cannot be ignored any longer. Any way we can help create positive change is key to all our futures.”

The MAHF mission statement now includes this line:

To enhance awareness and support the value of diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our industry — and in the work we create for our clients — through purposeful actions regarding diversity, equity and inclusion in our staff and our workplace.

Twenty members, including world-leading agencies and influential industry publishers have approved the new mission statement and signaled their intent to adhere to the newly added purpose.

A series of programs have been proposed to activate this initiative, and now are under consideration for our membership and beyond.

About the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame: The MAHF was founded in 1996 to preserve the history and heritage of the medical advertising profession as well as to recognize the industry’s most influential and respected forebears. Since then, MAHF has grown that mission to include recognition of past excellence in creative work (through its Heritage Advertising Awards) and creation of educational resources (through its Young Executives Night Out program). As the MAHF enters its third decade of service to the industry, it has expanded its educational offerings and broadened its focus to encompass digital communications.

The MAHF is supported by the industry it celebrates, primarily through its annual gala awards dinner. Seats and tables may be reserved at www.mahf.com/gala. Organizations wishing to support the institution may purchase half- and full-page ads in the awards night dinner program. For information about advertising opportunities or other MAHF programming, please contact executive director Anne Gideon at anne@mahf.com.