Do you know someone who has made a mark on this industry? Nominate your favorite Medical Advertising legend to the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame. Simply follow this two-step process:

Decide if your legend qualifies.

As long as your candidate is retired from this business, anybody who made a significant impact on Medical Advertising can be nominated: A creative genius, a publishing prodigy, a media mogul, an account guru, a branding star. For more detailed criteria on how candidates are selected and judged, refer to the Nominating Criteria below.

Write a few words about your candidate.

Tell us why your candidate should be considered for induction into the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame. That will get the process moving. Your synopsis of why your candidate should be considered will be reviewed by The MAHF Nominating Committee. If they decide your candidate should be presented to the membership, you will be contacted and given directions to an online nomination form that requests detailed information on your candidate’s career and qualifications. To help you prepare it, a sample nomination will be provided. Your candidate’s nomination will be presented to the full MAHF membership in October and voted on for possible induction.

Nominating Criteria:

Nominees to the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame are judged on the following criteria:

  1. The candidate’s achievement as evidenced by impact on brand and corporate success, leadership of his or her company, accomplishments in the creative, marketing, or research disciplines, and innovations in the advertising process or structure.
  2. The contributions the candidate has made to enhance the reputation of the medical advertising industry through voluntary efforts outside his or her company.
  3. The candidate seeks to enhance awareness and support of the value of diversity, equity and inclusion in our industry and aims to be an ally or advocate through purposeful actions.
  4. The nominee’s record of advertising and service must have been accomplished in the advertising industry in the United States, or with an American company abroad. The candidate must have completed his or her primary career. The council of judges shall consider the election of either living or deceased persons. 
Nominations for election to the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame are accepted with few restrictions for anyone who has worked in medical advertising. The MAHF’s Executive Committee reviews the nominations and, on the basis of a majority vote, makes a recommendation to the Council of Judges-the broad, elective constituency of the organization. When the ballots come in, the Executive Committee certifies who has been elected based on the nominee’s cumulative score on a 1-to-10 scale.

Given this 3-step system, we can observe from the past several elections that the process has proved to be eminently even-handed. The inherent promise of a democratic system-fairness and diversity-has been realized.

Questions? Contact, Anne Gideon, Executive Director,

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