Name of product/campaign: Betaseron: The “POD” 3D 360 Degree Simulator

Name of company/client owning product/campaign: Bayer: Betaseron

Year launched: 2009

Type of media: Virtual Reality Experience

Agency producing product/campaign: Concentric Health Experience

Team members:
Ken Begasse, CEO
Michael Sanzen, CCO
Sayan Ray, AD
Aimee Eastwood, CW
Amanda Rivera, AE
Michael Rowe, Client

Goals of product/campaign: To educate neurologists about the need to treat early at the first clinical signs of Multiple Sclerosis.

To engage neurologists in a never experienced before way, to educate them on the new data for Betaseron as the only DMT with disease progression impact when used at the CIS.

To create a convention education experience that out-performed the competition and linked attendees into the Betaseron CRM platform.

They were asked to enter the BETA RESPONDER to embark on a mission to defeat MS.

Description of product/campaign: The First Responder gave viewers a first person journey through the CNS system in response to a first MS attack. With urgency, the responders experience our brand message…when MS attacks, “There’s not a moment to lose” and the use of Betaseron was “Not a Moment Too Soon”. Flying through the CNS, responders were educated on MS progression, Betaseron MOA and exposed to the growing data proving the Betaseron was a strong first choice for long-term MS management. The POD simulator experience was a mixed media, live experience. The 360 degree articulating POD fit 12 people and enveloped the riders in a immersive virtual 3D animated experience with surround sound. The First Responder Pod, educated and entertained attendees, with the early use of virtual reality. Much like today, message retention was elevated through engagement that pioneered 3D animated and live video.

What made this a special product/campaign: The early use of virtual reality combined with the physical experience transformed the Betaseron message beyond a print and data experience. In its first use at the AAN in Boston, the POD Simulator drew over 120 MD’s per hour, a 400% from previous year booth draws. Over 2,500 MD’s signed up for the CRM program at the AAN. The experience was so captivating, it was featured in a Boston Globe article on the event as innovative ways to educate physicians and the convention floor remained open an extra hour each day to accommodate the demand. The experienced amortized across many channels and events. The POD was transported across the nation to educate physicians at subsequent conventions, sales training events and health fairs at physician offices. The animation was used as education leave behinds for MD’s, loaded onto the reps tablet detail and used on the physician website. The The ROI was a miraculous 100:1.

Awards and honors the product/campaign received:
MM&M 2009 Gold Interactive
Bayer Innovator Award
RX Award