Name of product/campaign: Enbrel eCongress

Name of company/client owning product/campaign: Wyeth/Pfizer

Year launched: 2009

Type of media: Multichannel (online, print, personal, non-personal)

Agency producing product/campaign: H4B Chelsea/H4B Catapult

Team members:
Ed Stapor
Steve Nothel
John Clarkson
Doug Barr
Kel Smith
Kevin Vertuccio
Andria Medlin
Martina Campbell

Goals of product/campaign: The ENBREL eCongress provided unique access for HCPs to immerse themselves in rich ongoing education and engage in meaningful dialogue through emerging innovative technology. In a landscape of fierce competitors, ENBREL solidified its place as a digital trailblazer by employing this cutting-edge solution to reach a broad HCP audience.

Description of product/campaign: The ENBREL eCongress was an innovative, first-in-class virtual 3D congress environment — available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year —for ongoing HCP education. The virtual congress, housed on a branded microsite, featured exclusive access to clinical data, mechanism of action videos, patient education, publications, and presentations as well as information about upcoming events. The eCongress provided the clinical value of a traditional congress booth with the unprecedented benefit of access anytime, anywhere.

What made this a special product/campaign: Emerging, innovative, virtual technology. The 2009 economic environment presented unique challenges for many healthcare brands, including diminishing congress attendance. The ENBREL eCongress was born out of this barrier to HCP engagement. The digital forum provided a cost-effective solution without any travel or scheduling limitations, while still providing a focused, personal convention experience. The eCongress provided a first glimpse of the future of individualized education and self-guided detailing.

Awards and honors the product/campaign received:
In just one year, the ENBREL eCongress soared far above industry benchmarks with more than 10,000 total visits and over 1,500 unique visits to the site by HCPs from 10 countries.