Name of company/client owning product/campaign:

Year launched:

 Type of media:

Agency producing product/campaign:
DDB Health

Team members: 
Jennie Fischette, Michael Schreiber, Chris Mears

Goals of product/campaign:
Empower patients through education and conversation starters to ensure early diagnosis of iron toxicity. The basis for this unprecedented success was a relationship marketing program called “Be Sickle Smart”.

Intercept and educate patients with a multichannel experience through advocacy outreach, a consumer spokesperson, gaming, and an online platform that delivered personalized messaging to each age group.

Create a personal and culturally relevant campaign that resonated with patients.

Description of product/campaign:
We leveraged co-created tools for advocacy to deliver directly to the community via social media and developed educational “gamification” tools to speak to our at-risk teenagers with iron overload in an engaging way and activate them to take action. View a clip of the game here.

What made this a special product/campaign:
While gamefication may seem old-hat today, it was breakthrough for pharma over a decade ago. Through this effort, a 28% increase occurred in the identification of appropriate patients for the treatment of iron overload.

Iron Invaders educational app was downloaded by 7k patients and played an average of 11 times by each user.

Please list any awards and honors the product/campaign received:
Iron Invaders was the first ever pharmaceutical app listed in Apple App Store’s New & Noteworthy section and won numerous digital awards.