Name of product/campaign: Singulair AR: Build-a-Patient

Company/client owning product/campaign: Merck

Year launched: 2007

Agency producing product/campaign: JUICE Pharma Worldwide

Team members:
Joan Wildermuth
Debbie Valle
Phil Scherer
Karl Schempp
Laurie Frasier
Ben Surette
Michael Kaminski
Hector Lopez
Leslee Epperhart
Brian Purcell
Erika Maas

Goals of product/campaign: Singulair needed to engage and make its unique MOA relevant. For a “nuisance condition” like allergic rhinitis, getting an HCP’s attention was challenging, and making the product top-of-mind as an Rx choice for a wide range of patients was even more so. This detail helped to achieve those goals in a memorable way.

Description of product/campaign: Built for tablet PC, the interactive detail allowed HCPs to choose a patient type and define the clinical concerns that were most relevant to them. 32 unique patient portraits enabled the user to select any of 4 ethnicities, 4 age groups as well as gender. An array of scientific and clinical data was presented in animated modules designed to foster conversation.

What made this a special product/campaign: Before “personalization” was a buzzword, this detail facilitated conversations that were specific to an individual doctor’s patient cohort and clinical concerns. Selecting a patient created moments of delight, and the extensive use of animation throughout made the experience truly engaging. At the time, it was a groundbreaking tool.