Harry Phibbs

Harry Phibbs Inducted 2000AgencyAccount Management Strict scientific standards in pharmaceutical advertising were not widely adhered to in the early 20th century. The requirement that claims be supported by objective clinical and laboratory research resulted from a steady advancement in medical knowledge. But as it is with all evolutionary processes, certain persons were important in establishing […]

R. Joseph McIntyre

R. Joseph McIntyre Inducted 2000AgencyAccount Management The innovations Joe McIntyre brought to medical advertising and to the success of Sieber & McIntyre were enough for prominence in the historical record, but the impression he made on our business was heightened and enriched by the force of his inimitable personality. Stories of his quick-witted quips, his […]

Dick Jones

Dick Jones Inducted 2000AgencyCreative Pharmaceutical advertising has been known for excellence in graphic design and this reputation owes much to the career of Dick Jones. He was a key designer at McAdams, Sudler & Hennessey, and at art studios during the ’50s and ’60s—the industry’s “Golden Age.” Later, he continued Rx work at his own […]

Irwin C. Gerson

Irwin C. Gerson Inducted 2000AgencyAccount Management A broad recognition of a name within an industry speaks to the accomplishments of its holder. In medical advertising circles, the nickname “Win” could only refer to one person—Irwin C. Gerson. The positive, friendly connotations of the name also speaks to characteristics and the career of the man it […]

Dean Burdick

Dean Burdick Inducted 2000AgencyCreative A memorable personality in pharmaceutical advertising achieves renown by leaving his mark on the industry in countless ways. With Dean Burdick, beyond his record of accomplishment as an agency leader, we can identify three prominent qualities which lead to his election to the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame. The first was […]