Ronnie Hoffman

Ronnie Hoffman Inducted 2003AgencyCreative Leadership in advertising is not only achieving financial success and stature in the business. It is also the influence leaders have on the lives of those they worked with at their agencies. The career of Ronnie Hoffman, one of the first woman creative directors at a major Rx agency, must include […]

John J. Fisher

John J. Fisher Inducted 2003AgencyAccount Management An advertising executive’s advancement can be postponed or even completely thwarted by changes in assignments or locations. It is a test of ability and character to be able to move to new companies and new locales and to continue moving up the ladder. John (“Jack”) Fisher has met the […]

Thomas G. Ferguson

Thomas G. Ferguson Inducted 2003AgencyAccount Management Tom Ferguson is an exception among agency founders. Not only has the size of his organization—one of the world’s largest medical agencies—set him apart, but he also came to the task of building an agency from a different perspective than his peers. The impetus behind most agencies is often […]

Robert W.F. Buchert

Robert W.F. Buchert Inducted 2003AgencyCreative When the origins of Rx advertising on the West Coast are discussed, the name at the top of the list is always Bob Buechert. More than any other individual, he established the medical advertising community in San Francisco. His accomplishments, principally as the key player in the creation of Vicom, […]

Jack E. Angel

Jack E. Angel Inducted 2003Publisher An unmatched record of service In 2003 The Medical Advertising Hall of Fame instituted the Service to Industry Award to recognize individuals who had provided in the past, and continued to provide, exceptional support to and for the industry. It is fitting that the first recipient of this award is […]