Fred Mann

Fred Mann Inducted 2006AgencyCreative The ideal combination for the founding of an advertising agency is a partnership between an account person, an art director, and a copywriter. This union brings together the advertising disciplines of account management/salesmanship, graphic creation, and the promotional message. The founding trio of Cline, Davis & Mann represented these agency components […]

August Fink

August Fink Inducted 2006Publisher Members of the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame have left their imprints on medical advertising as founders of advertising agencies, innovators of new marketing approaches, and as creators of memorable advertising. August “Gus” Fink brought 2 important ideas to the business that were not agency-oriented, but related to the principal media […]

Lou Carrafiello

Lou Carrafiello Inducted 2006AgencyAccount Management When Lou Carrafiello left McCann Erickson in 1971, he was, for a time, more interested in buying a lumberyard than staying in advertising. As his son Gerry, who is now president of Carrafiello Diehl & Associates, tells the story, “My father was a great carpenter and a mason, too. When […]

Philip Brady

Philip Brady Inducted 2006AgencyAccount Management A successful career in medical advertising usually takes an executive to the top of an agency and then on into retirement. In the case of Phil Brady, we have someone who took this career path twice, rising through field selling into the agency world to head up an agency, and […]