David Wood

David Wood Inducted 2009BrandingCreative David Wood was an innovator and a renowned developer in the business of branding. He used language to define many of the world’s leading healthcare brands, establishing an image and identity for them. David had a passion for the purpose and value of healthcare brands in our lives and spent much […]

Harry A. Sweeney

Harry A. Sweeney Inducted 2009AgencyCreative The Wordsmith’s Wordsmith Harry Sweeney’s many contributions to the healthcare advertising profession span the gamut from exceptional creative talent to business leader/manager, from mentor to industry advocate. In addition to creating memorable campaigns for major products, he has made significant contributions to numerous organizations and the careers of individuals who […]

Ronald G. Pantello

Ronald G. Pantello Inducted 2009AgencyAccount Management The Coach Like many other agency principals in medical advertising, Ron Pantello “carried the bag.” Ron’s first stint in the pharmaceutical business was at USV Laboratories, followed by an account services position at Sudler & Hennessey. Ron was profoundly influenced by MAHF Hall of Famer Matt Hennessey and patterned […]

Raymond Gosselin

Raymond Gosselin Inducted 2009Research Lifetime AchievementMetrics for a growing industry Raymond Gosselin was a pioneer in developing marketing research measurements for the prescription pharmaceutical industry, the information which would become crucial for marketers in the creation and refinement of their marketing strategies. During his time in the industry, he was also an educator and editor, […]