Mel Rubin

Mel Rubin Inducted 2010AgencyCreative Ask any former employee, associate, or client about Mel Rubin and you’re probably in for a slew of stories about an incredibly talented, bigger than life, individual who was years ahead of his time in everything he did. Rubin’s writing career began in WWII as a communications officer aboard the USS […]

Irwin Lerner

Irwin Lerner Inducted 2010ClientManufacturer While Irwin Lerner’s career was capped by his tenure as the president and CEO of Hoffman LaRoche, one of the industry’s most successful companies, he often modestly refers to himself as “an old copywriter from Organon.” It is obvious that he is proud of his time in advertising and writing, as […]

Steve Girgenti

Steve Girgenti Inducted 2010AgencyAccount Management After graduating from Columbia University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Steven Girgenti quickly demonstrated his drive by earning a Master’s degree in business while attending night school. He began his career in healthcare working in marketing positions with Squibb, Carter Wallace, and Endo DuPont. At Endo he demonstrated his keen marketing […]