Name of Product: Rocephin Name of Company: Roche Laboratories Agency Submitting: Sudler & Hennessey Creative/Account Team: Copy: Diane Cooney, Diane Ohye, Brett Lowell, Laura Tozzo, and others Art: Arthur Kaufman, Dick Russinko, Guy Desimini, and others Account: Ned Putnam Creative Rationale: The Rocephin apple campaign is one of the most iconic brand campaigns in our […]


Name of Company: Pfizer Agency Submitting: LLNS Creative/Account Team: Mike Lyons – Art Director, Bill Brown – Copy Creative Rationale: In 1983, copper bracelets for arthritis pain relief were widely used because people (even physicians) believed that copper was absorbed by the skin to relieve joint pain. LLNS used metallic copper ink in Feldene’s advertising to […]