Name of Company: Wishbone Agency which created Ad: Genzyme Agency submitting: Calcium Creative Rationale – What makes this ad special Synvisc was the leading brand in a crowded category of viscosupplements—products that are injected into the knee to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis. However, Synvisc was continuing to lose market share, as there was broad […]

Restylane<sup>®</sup> Silk

Name of Company: Galderma Agency which created Ad: TBWA\WorldHealth, formerly Corbett Accel Healthcare Group (CAHG) Agency submitting: TBWA\WorldHealth Creative Rationale – What makes this ad specialGalderma is the largest company in the world devoted exclusively to dermatology. In the area of aesthetic products, the company markets a line of injectable fillers under the Restylane name. […]


Name of Company: Schering-Plough Agency which created Ad: Thomas Ferguson Associates Agency submitting: Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Creative Rationale – What makes this ad special Four years post-launch, Claritin, and the 4 line extensions (Claritin D-12, Claritin D-24, Claritin Syrup and Claritin Redi-Tabs) were promotionally aligned under a single auspice: the “Nothing But Blue Skies…”campaign. The […]