James McFarland

James McFarland Inducted 2002AgencyCreative James McFarland began his career in medical advertising as a comp artist in the bullpen at Sudler & Hennessey (S&H) in 1960. There he worked under the legendary Herb Lubalin. Over the years at S&H, he assisted and learned from a number of other outstanding design talents, such as Ernie Smith […]

Michael J. Lyons

Michael J. Lyons Inducted 2002AgencyCreative Mike Lyons began his advertising career with the consumer agency Doner Harrison in the early 1960s. He then moved into the prescription world at L.W. Frohlich in 1968. In 1970, he joined Sudler & Hennessey, putting in 9 years when the shop was experiencing a creative flowering fueled by the […]

Frank Hughes

Frank Hughes Inducted 2002AgencyCreative The art of writing medical advertising requires knowledge about the product and the science behind it, as well as the ability to give life to the data that renders an argument for the product both compelling and luminous with words that are fresh and memorable. The art of writing medical advertising […]

Mark Dresden

Mark Dresden Inducted 2002Research When Mark Dresden completed his MBA thesis at Wharton business school in Philadelphia in the late 1950s, he started a process that would eventually revolutionize the buying of advertising space in the pharmaceutical industry. Dresden’s subject had been the use of direct mail to investigate physician attitudes and practices. He proved […]